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You are already in the middle of your working life and you acquired know-how in IT and consulting? And now, you’re looking for a new challenge at your job? You’re absolutely at the right address with Superior Consulting Services! Join us and let’s shape the future of tomorrow’s customers together.

Become a part of our international team and start as – a young professional.

For 30 years, we’ve been connecting management and IT at Superior Consulting Services to make a difference for tomorrow’s customer. Our employees from all over the world work in small teams of experts. Soon, you can be part of their team, too!

Depending on your working experience, we’ll familiarize you with your new work for a specific time so that you get started completely. Helping us develop concepts and realize IT-projects or supporting our consulting and management teams – we offer challenges for everyone!

We are looking for people brave enough to dare new things, display responsibility, deal with problems head-on and to always be one step ahead. We are about progress and development, appreciation and innovation.

If you are as passionate about these topics as we are, we’re looking forward to your application!

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Germany | Cologne (remote)


Germany | Cologne (Remote)

Software Engineering

Germany | International

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Be Ahead! That’s our motto at Superior Consulting Services. It is based on our values and aspirations to always be one step ahead to win over tomorrow’s customer. We are always up-to-date; we transform and refine ourselves constantly to deliver the best results to our customers. We are tech-experts and specialists of management, focusing on solving tomorrow’s problems. To put it simple: We shape the future.

By starting at Superior Consulting Services, you, too, will come to shape the future! We combine experiences and interdisciplinary know-how with innovative ideas and sustainable implementations. We don’t get scared by new technologies, on the contrary: We embrace them. At SCS, there is no backward, only forward. Because we are ahead!

Fixed working hours from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.? Strict structures to comply with and tasks to complete every day? Compulsory Attendance at the office? That’s water under the bridge! At Superior Consulting Services,  we value flexibility from the very beginning. Meaning that you can work from home or on the way – at flexible working hours. Duties and projects should be concluded successfully, yes. But in doing so, you should not lose the motivation and fun of it.

At the same time, we’re active in an industry that’s constantly changing. That is why we must be flexible and ready at all times to react to those changes. We’re creating an environment in which everyone works dynamically and efficiently to conquer any challenge.

At Superior Consulting Services, we live a flat hierarchy. We want you to take on responsibility and to make decisions together with us. It’s incredibly important in a company such as ours that’s constantly changing and developing, yes, that’s living from innovation.

Thanks to our flat hierarchies, we talk to each other eye to eye. Since there aren’t countless levels, the communication works a lot less complicated and a lot smoother. Of course, this helps when we – or you as an employee – need to make decisions on the spot. At the same time, we’re no strangers to home offices and agile work. We are flexible, decisive and motivated. Convince yourself!

Founding Superior Consulting Services, we already valued independent and self-reliable working methods. Today, 30 years later, nothing has changed about that. We are convinced: Small teams of experts organizing themselves and taking on their own responsibilities are faster to realize innovations.

Starting to work with us, you commit yourself to operate this way, as well. We are proud of our open corporate culture where it’s important for all employees to know exactly what their projects and responsibilities are. Therefore, you need to know where the land lies. You also integrate yourself in the team by giving constructive feedback as well as being open to critique. At SCS, you take on responsibility that not only help you professionally, but also personally!

We don’t just see successes and results but also the people behind it – including you. We appreciate our employees at Superior Consulting Services the way they are, not just based on their achievements. That is why they regularly obtain honest feedback about ongoing as well as finished projects. At the same time, they can always give feedback themselves.

This very important aspect of appreciation in our daily working life not only encourages our positive working atmosphere, but also the personal well-being, the individual way to success as well as specific talents. We learn from our mistakes, celebrate our successes together and value each and every person on the team.

Application Process

We’re looking for people that enrich our team and want to make a difference with us. Be it direct entrant, young professional, or trainee – join us at Superior Consulting Services and shape the future anew!

We’re looking forward to your application. Please send it and further documents such as CV and credentials via mail to

If you have any questions about our job offers or process of application, let us know at, as well.

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Claudia Spahn

Superior Consulting Services

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