About us


SCS was founded in 1990 by Ralf Lüttgen, taking the approach to go beyond traditional consulting, but to offer superior services that leave the old beaten paths and transcend above all old established methods applied by so many in the industry.

“Superior” and “Service” are not just mere words to us. They highlight our emphasis and our focus on delivery for our clients.

Over the past 25 years, SCS has serviced many international corporations and SMEs in a variety of disciplines and focus on IT, Telecommunications, Corporate Finance, Strategy, Business Vision, BPM, Enterprise Architecture, Business Scenario Management, Analysis, Transformation, Change Management, Project & Interim Management, Business Sparring, Budget Allocation/Management and Project Financing.

Our claim

We have stood in your shoes before and we understand what it takes to reinvent yourself, to innovate and to face new challenges and tackle new opportunities in a global market space.

It is our business to look at challenges from all angles, identifying the best possible solutions. We face these challenges head on and seek opportunities while solving problems as they occur during execution, instead of hiding from them or being paralyzed by them.

Time is one of the most valuable assets in business: delivery times, amortization, ROI, time-to-market, project durations, change management, production, innovation cycles or marketing. This is why we never stop innovating or developing new methodologies and technologies to help our clients in an ever faster moving global economy.

Vision and Mission

Balance is key in life and business and we help our clients achieve it.

The world is more connected and faster-paced than it has ever been before. Transformation and innovation has become a threat and an opportunity at the same time. We have made it our mission to connect the dots and become sparring partners with our clients so that we can develop those new ideas that are the base for the next innovation to come. This is why we also created our Executive Program to create a forum for exchange for our clients and ourselves so that we can make those leaps forward together.

Here are some key elements of our vision:

World – We are a global company. It is this approach that we have taken that enables us to operate in various economic regions and execute projects internationally with ease.

Help – We are the support team you can call upon. We not only design solutions, but we also execute and deliver on them for you.

People – Our people make the difference. Our pragmatic collaborative approach allows us to equally be effective from the c-level to the front-line and in the trenches.

Great Job – Doing a great job depends as much on experience, methodology and conscious effort as on motivation and passion. These factors play into every project or activity we set for ourselves and are an integral part of our mindset.

Balance -As in all areas of life and business it is about the right balance, e.g. work to life, costs to benefits or income to expenses. If one side dominates it leads to an imbalance, which is often very difficult to reset and may negatively affect the whole of an organization and way of doing business. We see this as a learning process. We create the right balance, regardless which particular area is concerned.


Our team consists of highly qualified experts with a deep expertise in a variety of fields. We serve our customers in a customized, very flexible and timely manner. We are highly goal-oriented and consider each project in the greater context of our clients’ circumstances. It is important for us to achieve a significant improvement in our clients’ position, and if necessary, we work with them to readjust their business model.

In addition, we have created our own institute – IBINTRA (Institute for Business Innovation and Transformation). It functions as our think tank and serves the everlasting development of our business creatives.

Business Creatives

As business analysts, or rather business creatives, we have focused on improving our clients’ performance and capacity to innovate. In any project we undertake, from market analysis to strategy development, we put our clients’ performance and agility first.

The result is our modular portfolio, aimed at producing targeted growth.

Learn more about Business Creatives on our career pages.


We enjoy finding new, innovative approaches to solve problems better and faster. We do not, however, regard innovation as an end in itself, but merely a means to the ends of our clients.

Sometimes it is sufficient to find a middle ground between two existing paths; other times it may be necessary to blaze a completely new trail to enable new insights and opportunities. At times, these paths may not even lead anywhere, but even then, it is our job as entrepreneurs to look at all the paths to find an opening.

There are many advisors and consultants out there. But, unlike others, we see ourselves as team members that provide support in any situation Every business is different, so we act individually and flexibly. We think ahead – and above all holistically. We think differently; Outside the box. We also take tried and tested methods and tools from ‘inside the box’ and combine them in innovative ways to find the best solution.