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Would you like to further develop your business models and advance the topic of digitalization in your company? As a management consultancy with a focus on the high-tech industry, we optimize and digitize your processes and transform your company for the future.

You are…

a modern CEO and want to advance your company. The digital world is your home. Using tomorrow’s organization and IT, you lead your business to success. You could also say: You cut a slice off Silicon Valley for your company.

You have…

big visions for your business and face challenges in the digital world. You strive for improved processes, optimized organization, saved costs and developed IT? At the same time, you struggle with lack of employees and resources as well as changed economic circumstances, such as digitalization, IT, and crises.


Being a CEO in today’s world means to decide which technologies and methods to lead your company with.

We’ve got your back when it comes to strategy, transformation, future viability, changes (dynamics) and business architecture.

Business Development

Leading a company nowadays also means to develop your own business model digitally.

We help you build a product portfolio, increase your customer value, set up a business platform, gain a customer-oriented mindset and deepen your customer communication.


In times of digitalization, you cannot imagine a modern company without IT. Thanks to technical innovations, one can reduce costs, increase productivity, and beat the competition.

We offer support by setting up your IT architecture, be it in the area of design, cloud, integration, introduction, quality, or modernization.

Why we can help you?

In addition to medium-sized companies, we also work for corporations, listed companies and start-ups.

For Corperations

Are you an executive of a group or are you responsible for important projects within your corporation?

For StartUp´s

You are a founder and are looking for a mentor and help in business development or funding?

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