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The digital industry has developed its own management practices. To succeed and compete in the digital world you will have to adapt them to your business. How do I become a digital leader?
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The advancements in technology have lead to tremendous growth and opportunities. In combination with the right management methods, new technologies can be your key to success. How do I get the maximum business value out of the most up to date technologies?
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In a fast changing world, organizational structures have to be flexible and highly productive. The way people communicate has changed dramatically over the past decades and affects the way we work together. How do I take advantage of this new work lifestyle in my company?
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Choosing and executing the right projects for your company in an uncertain and fast-changing world requires broad knowledge and experience. Making data-driven decisions to deliver peak performance requires a deep understanding of the digital world. How do I boost my executive capabilities?
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Services for Startups

Get help from people that have a long time experience in developing new disruptive business models


Running a successful business requires more than a great idea. The digital market is constantly evolving and customers’ preferences are continually shifting. How do I become a digital leader, capable of navigating this dynamic environment?
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Business Development

Growing your business is like a battle with a hundred front lines. Grow your capabilities here, fend off a competitor there, all while delivering great service to your customers. How do I focus on what is important for growth?
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SEPA @ Telko


You have developed a promising business model but lack the necessary funding to get it off the ground? Get in touch with our network of backers.
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Be it Silicon Valley, London, Berlin or Cape Town. Our internationally connected teams from across the world can help you answer the question: How do I gain a foothold in new markets?
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ScS: Who We Are

As an founder-led company we have placed great value on personal responsibility, ever since our founding 30 years ago. We are convinced that small, self-organized teams of experts can implement innovations faster. That is why we bring leaders with the courage to challenge the status quo together in interdisciplinary teams.

Our customers, whether their company is one or one hundred years old, have a vision for their business. They share the ability to recognize new potentials that far exceed the status quo, as well as the courage to undertake new ventures. We help them bring together the right people at the right time to unleash explosive growth.

We guide our customers through fundamental transformations in their businesses and help them open up new business areas in uncertain times. Our teams, complemented by our customers’ in-house experts, support the entire process, from conception to prototyping and execution in order to ensure that innovations can be transferred into a stable state.

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Why We Are Different



We constantly keep up to date with the latest technologies and management methods and use these insights to provide novel solutions.



Our teams consist of cross-domain experts, allowing them to provide custom solutions that match your business on all levels.



Small, self-organized teams require much less organizational overhead. This helps us avoid long ramp up phases and allows us to deliver results faster.



We approach every task from an entrepreneurial perspective, combining the best from the technological and business sides to create something new.

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Ralf Lüttgen

Founder, CEO

Ralf has learned the business in Silicon Valley and has been working in the high tech industry for 30 years. As a student, he founded the ScS in 1990 with the aim of building a bridge between the disciplines of management and IT. Making modern technologies and management methods economically viable as quickly as possible, without our customer having to deal with the details, is the goal to achieve.

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