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You have completed your bachelor‘s or master’s degree and want to start working right away? Our trainee program is just the thing for you, then. There, we’ll prepare you for your daily working life at Superior Consulting Services in the best way possible.

Become a part of our international team and start as – a trainee.

As a trainee, you’ll get to know Superior Consulting Services in a special way: After your successful studies, your personal mentor supports you during the trainee program so that you may integrate yourself in our team perfectly. At the same time, you’ll take on responsibility in consulting or IT.

What should you expect from your trainee program at our company?

As a trainee, you get to choose between two trainee programs: Consulting and IT.

In the first area, you learn everything you need to know about consulting to successfully enter Superior Consulting Services. In the latter area, you delve into every topic related to IT to become a real tech-expert.

In both programs, you’re not on your own: We support you with every question about your career and provide a personal mentor. At the same time, you’ll get to know what distinguishes successful entrepreneurship – not only on a national, but also on an international level.


Having successfully graduated from your studies, our trainee program at Superior Consulting Services offers the best entry to our company. During this time, you’ll become an expert in your chosen area and you’ll improve continually. We take special care to ensure that you feel at ease with us and that you become a part of Superior Consulting Services under the best circumstances. In our team, we value an open communication that encourages a positive working atmosphere and leaves no one behind. We’re passionate about what we’re doing and we want to pass on that passion to you.

In our trainee program, you’ll learn everything you want to know about our company, our team, and our work. And – even more importantly – you’ll become a part of it!

If you choose to do your trainee program in consulting, you’ll learn everything you need to know about it first: What is consulting and how does it work? What does consulting come down to? Which strategies and methods can you use to assist and advise customers?

After your trainee program, you’ll be able to answer those questions – and there’s more: As a trainee of consulting, you’ll gain quick comprehension of your customer’s problems and develop solutions for them independently. Our goal is for you to be perfectly equipped for our daily working life after your trainee program in consulting!

During our trainee program in IT, you delve into the meaning and function of IT. You familiarize yourself with relevant topics of IT and learn how to discern trends early on. To master technology is the be-all and end-all as an IT trainee. You not only develop concepts but also realize them by programming the final result.

At the end of our trainee program in IT, you are a master of technology – and with that, perfectly prepared for your work at Superior Consulting Services!

During your trainee program – be it in consulting or IT –, you’ll have the support of an experienced mentor. They teach you about good communication in a team as well as modern methods of leadership.

Thanks to our individual mentoring, you’ll continually improve your know-how and develop not only professionally, but also personally.

In our trainee programs, entrepreneurship plays an important part. How do you establish a company or a brand? How do you develop a product? What does it come down to in producing and selling these products? What about the scaling of everything?

You’ll get to the bottom of those questions as a trainee at Superior Consulting Services. You learn how to get from having the idea for a product to founding a company. In doing so, you harness the principles of lean start-up to realize your ideas.

Deine Bewerbung!

Wir suchen immer nach Menschen, die unser Team bereichern und gemeinsam mit uns den Unterschied machen. Ob als Direkteinsteiger, Berufserfahrene oder Trainee – pack mit uns bei Superior Consulting Services an und gestalte die Zukunft neu!

Wir freuen uns über deine aussagekräftige Bewerbung. Bitte füge deiner Bewerbung alle nötigen Unterlagen wie Anschreiben, Lebenslauf, Arbeitszeugnisse etc. bei.

Bei Fragen zu unseren Stellenangeboten oder dem Bewerbungsprozess wende dich bitte per Mail an

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