Entrepreneurial Management enables you to succeed in the digital marketplace!

Entrepreneurial Management combines methods and best practices of entrepreneurs, precisely these kind of contemporaries, which are decision-maker and risk-taker, flexible, willingly to change, freedom-loving, global-thinking, networking-people – and just want to change the whole wide world.

Forrester: “Digital Disruption is Better, Stronger, And Faster”

Compared to the previous basic changes in the economy and society we have this scenario today:







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ScS itself works with and is established by these paradigms and approaches, and is also active in Silicon Valley. That’s also the reason why Mr. Luettgen teaches on different business school (and – by the way – we just love to talk about this topic).

Not only do we know the requirements of the new markets, we also have the know-how to make the digital market accessible for our customers in order to realize their potential for growth. Whether you are an entrepreneur or top manager, we are happy to support you as your personal consultant in opening up new possibilities.

Entrepreneurial Management: success and growth in the digital market

Talking about Entrepreneurial Management means talking about the most serious topics for your business: e.g. fast adaption rate of companies to new circumstances and markets, complete focus on the customer and their needs, embracing constant change, lifelong learning, development and management of modern corporate cultures and structures, as well as funding and financing of new business models. And, last but not least, our particular focus lies on the implementation of modern IT across the entire value stream.

An Advisory Board may increase this success dramatically.

Growth through absolute understanding of customer value

Sustaining a company on the digital market requires a certain level of performance and agility. At the core of this performance is a clear focus on customer needs. Thus, communication with the customer throughout our customer development processes takes place on all levels of the ‘Communication Squares’. The customer is no longer satisfied only with technical enhancements, but design and emotional connection play an increasingly important role. The modern communication creates a proximity between companies and customers, which previously did not exist in this form.

All this is made possible through modern IT with the aim to achieve the highest possible degree of automation while realizing modern design principles. This assumes that there is one stream of continuously, lossless and focused communication, from strategic considerations up to the implementation of IT. Any form of interruption leads to delays that are unacceptable in the second decade of the 21st century. All of this is far beyond the discoveries and knowledge from the past industrial revolutions and developments; it requires a new form of management. Entrepreneurial Management leaves the approaches of Lean Management behind and defines, among other things, completely new forms of organizations.

All services from the development of new business models, through building the business and up to implementing its IT are provided by ScS. As a special feature, you can obtain the necessary project funding directly through us. We do not provide traditional consulting, which, for us, is synonymous with long analysis phases, no new concepts and no innovative approaches and no modern management culture. Instead, we deliver benefits such as fast analysis results, modern solutions, ways to lower costs or approaches for new business opportunities.

How do we do this?

High expertise in a creative, non-hierarchical environment coupled with professionalism and a high level of self-expectation of each individual. Every colleague is respected for his expertise. The engine for our motivation is a non-ending curiosity, enterprising minds and a corporate culture, encouraging – or rather – demanding this. Proximity to elite American universities and startup scene provide the energy for this motor.

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