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Those who work at ScS are definitely different.
We do our job because we enjoy it, not because we have to.
We take responsibility for our actions, which allows us work independently and self-organized.
We value this freedom and flexibility and know which virtues it depends on to function.


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Opportunities at ScS

Our major goal is it to increase our clients’ performance and make their products and services better, faster and smarter. We can only achieve this goal by developing ourselves further constantly. Thus, internal development is an ongoing process and an important part of our employee-life-cycle.

High-performing employees have the opportunity to deepen their expert knowledge in an MBA study program.

The offered MBA is a full-time study program at one of the best universities in the world. The terms of admission are accordingly strict. Successful candidates are promoted by ScS and financially supported during the education program.

Knowledge Management

Since 1990, we have consistently been working to increase our attractiveness for market leaders. Therefore, we put a great emphasis on providing new talents with a great work environment, where they can grow and develop their full potential. This is, however, a two-way street and we attach great importance to our team members’ motivation and qualifications.

At ScS, you will expand your knowledge by working with and learning from experts from different disciplines, profit from people with different backgrounds and learn to think outside the box.

Part of our work involves being an active trend scout. We predict when and where know-how is needed. It is, therefore, important to enable the best composition of team members that will harmonize with each other and work towards our clients’ goals.

Our People

A high degree of professionalism, respect towards each other and especially towards our customers is one of the essential virtues for us. This aspect is even more important in intercultural team constellations.

In a globalized world, everything is moving closer together. Developed over the course of generations, cultural differences are slower to change. Through numerous projects around the globe, we are aware of these cultural differences and know how to facilitate collaboration between cultures. Our clients benefit and rely on this cultural understanding in their international projects. Working with and embracing these differences is part of the culture we value and foster as ScS.

Intercultural Atmosphere

In particular the terms work, help, people, great job and balance stand out from our vision.

PEOPLE is surely the key term. We are a family business. This means we work very closely together. Trust is the main aspect of our culture and the motor of our success. This trust, however, is not only a right but also an obligation in the sense of respectful behaviour towards colleagues and other people we work with; particularly our clients and partners.

We operate internationally and comprehensively. WORLD stand on one hand for international projects and on the other for our cosmopolitan character and holistic view.

HELP is something that can be requested and given. It can work on different levels and directions. We aim to support our clients, partners and each other. This presupposes we are able to accept help when needed. Only an open mind is willing to accept help. A closed mind views help as a threat to their lacking self-esteem. We know that we are only able to operate efficiently and produce the best ideas if we work together. Therefore, we are always happy to help but also to accept help.

Doing a GREAT JOB depends as much on experience, methodology and conscious effort as on motivation and passion. These factors play into every project or activity we set for ourselves and are an integral part of our mindset.

And BALANCE As in all areas of life it is about the right balance, e.g. work to life, costs to benefits or income to expenses. If one side dominates it leads to an imbalance which is often very difficult to reset and may throw off the entire system. We are very well aware of that. Therefore, responsible action always plays a part in our work and way of doing business. We see this as a learning process. We create the right balance, regardless which particular area is concerned.

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