The Customer is King! (But Not Really)


The customer is king! This is something we understand well and follow strictly at ScS. Many other companies also claim to stick by this saying in their operations. However, one does not need to look for too long there in order to discover that policy and reality often turn out to be two completely different things. Companies tend to structure themselves and the way they run business based on what works best for them, rather than for their customers.


This approach to business has worked well for a long time. The consumers were loyal and tended to stick with what they already knew and looked and felt familiar. Big corporations exploited this and focused on economies of scale and scope with the goal to cut costs and drive prices down. Nowadays however, things have changed. Tons of information is now available to anybody with an Internet connection. This enables the customer to easily compare product prices, get quality reviews, or order online from a reseller with just a few clicks. Loyalty has become a think of the past.


So what do companies need to do to tackle this? The answer is simple – get back to the roots of business, focus on the customer instead of on yourself. Only by doing this can a company regain what has been long lost – their customers’ trust and loyalty.



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