Technological Progress – a Friend, not a Foe


Technology has massively improved the quality of our lives. Although many people fear it and view at as a job killer, it takes just one short moment of reflection upon the countless improvements the digital age has brought to our lives in order to realize that technological progress is endlessly beneficial. Anything from medical treatment to message delivery is now faster, safer, easier, and more cost-efficient. Technological progress has affected every part of our lives and has made it better.


Any yet, business are reluctant to adopt the latest digital tools they could have at their disposal despite the enormous potential advantages they could bring upon them. A good example of this is process orchestration in large organizations. In such an organizational context departments are often disconnected from one another structurally, which leads to inefficient processes full of redundancies, delays, and inaccuracies. Creating digital communication channels in order to interlink the departments can create a more cohesive and optimized process control. Furthermore, the newly established communication channels can also be used in a different way. Instead of just being limited in their use to just exchange information between departments and employees they should be used as knowledge and skill sharing centers in order to create more integrated business units that collaborate actively with one another and use their power to bring the organization forward.


Large-scale transformations have always been subject to resistance and negative reactions. Change is associated with uncertainty and fearing uncertainty is one of the most basic human emotions. However, it is up to us to realize when the proposed change is nothing we should worry about but rather embrace and make the most out of. This is the nature of progress.



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