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Our philosophy is to provide everything our customer needs by maintaining a team of multidisciplinary high-power experts. We are independent and have no contracts with manufacturers, which allows us to express our true and honest opinion. We combine the business and technical perspective in order to deliver the optimum solution for you.

We specialize in the topic of digitalization and digital business, the knowledge for which we acquire from the world’s top technology hotspots.

Below you can find an extracts from our completed digital projects. If you have questions or want to find out more don’t hesitate to contact us!

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Social Media Marketing Automation

Topic: Social Media Marketing Automation

Industry: Startups


Targeted new customer and partner acquisition in the Platform Business


Development of a platform for the automation of new customer and partner acquisition. The system learns the criteria that lead to the selection of a particular target group in the social media. Through a sophisticated scoring system, contacts are individually evaluated and handled. Different marketing measures can be implemented and evaluated with different target groups.

Benefits: Easy achievement of a network effect

Process elimination

Topic: Business Process Automation

Industry: Telecommunication / Insurance / Startups


Business processes must become simpler, faster, and cheaper without leaving the company


Identification and, if needed, transformation of business processes, as well as reviewing the cost and efficiency of the existing IT support. Complete automation of the business processes with the help of an AI-based platform, which is integrated into the existing IT landscape.

Benefits: Costs of the original process reduced by >70%

Uniform Customer View

Topic: Big Data

Industry: Telecommunication


Evaluate a large amount of customer data spread across 19 different systems


An abstraction of a single view with semantic mapping of different data definitions

Benefits: 45 Mil € Savings per year

Scalable Integration

Topic: Application Integration

Industry: Telecommunication


A secure exchange of information over a large number of different applications and technologies


A scalable queuing system for different architectures

Benefits: 15 Mil € Savings per year

Transaction Processing

Topic: Process Optimization

Industry: Internal Security


Different approach to the nation-wide acquisition of process data


Process mapping followed by an IT / AI assisted automatic evaluation (ScS Tool)

Benefits: 15 Mil € Savings per year

Processing of trouble tickets with AI

Topic: Intelligent processing of international trouble tickets

Industry: Telecommunication


Automatic processing and allocation of international trouble tickets


Ein auf künstlicher Intelligenz basierendes verteiltes System zur Verarbeitung, Verteilung ud Überwachung von Trouble Tickets An intelligent system based on artificial intelligence for processing, allocation, and monitoring of trouble tickets

Benefits: 22 Mil € Savings per year


Topic: Conversion of Payment Methods

Industry: Banking


Implementation of the SEPA standards in a short time period


Analyze all processes in 8 weeks with subsequent introduction, project management, and management of the IT conversion

Benefits: 12 Mil € Savings per year

Performance Management

Topic: Performance Management

Industry: Banking


Measure the performance of managers in relation to their leadership quality


Erhebung von Onlinedaten zur Mitarbeiterzufriedenheit und deren Auswertung mittels Methoden der Marktforschung Collect and analyze online data on employee satisfaction with market research methods

Benefits: 18 Mil € Savings per year

Dynamic Budget Allocation

Topic: Strategic and dynamic budget allocation

Industry: Banking / Commerce / Telecommunication


The dynamism of the digital market requires a different kind of budget allocation


Develop a new method for dynamic preparation of the budget planning and allocation in accordance to the strategic goals

Benefits: 28% Budget savings

Predictive Analysis

Topic: Digital Marketing

Industry: Startup


Determining the probability of specific customer groups buying premium products


Develop a method to collect the needed data online and use it to build a predictive analysis system

Benefits: 34% Revenue increase

Interim Management

Topic: Interim Management for digital transformation

Industry: Banking / Commerce / Telecommunication


A need for fast implementation but no time to set up own resources including management


Put in place a interdisciplinary team of top experts for digital business and transformation including interim management on the C-level

Benefits: 5 Mil € saved during the project

Internet of Things

Topic: Internet of Things

Industry: Fashion


Determining the usage frequency of a product and the context it is used in


Develop a method for identifying products in the customer’s environment, their usage, and their context

Benefits: 27% Revenue increase


Topic: Digital Transformation

Industry: Fitness


A fitness chain wants to bring its business model into the digital market


Develop a new corporate culture, digital marketing, digitalization of studios, online courses, integration with wearables and existing informations

Benefits: Saving the company

Telecommunication Big Data

Topic: Big Data / Artificial Intelligence

Industry: Telecommunication


There is no unified knowledge base for future process automation and autonomous systems


Developed a central knowledge management system and consolidated the corresponding data

Benefits: 42% cost savings