Resource Utilization in the Digital Age


The resource-based view, which became popular in the 90s because of its straightforward way of explaining competitive advantage, has long been proven inadequate for today’s business world. Yes, the possession of the right organizational resources is a vital factor for the company’s competitive abilities but more important nowadays is how the organization utilizes these resources and manages to combine them in a dynamic way.


The business world of today is changing at a rate never seen before. Agility, flexibility, and dynamic thinking have become some of the most important contributors to the success of a business. We at ScS have understood the significance of this factors to our clients and for this reason our philosophy and way of working are designed and optimized for speed and flexibility. We have managed to organize ourselves internally in a way that allows us to utilize our resources in an optimal way and deliver swift and accurate results. This way of structuring and resources utilization is also available to all our clients and helps them gain a competitive edge in a dynamic setting.


A traditional resource management is not suitable for today’s business world. It only takes a brief look at the recent history to see that many companies have realized this the hard way after it was too late. The digital age offers immense chances but organizations must act quickly and adapt themselves to it or risk being left behind.



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