Cost reduction is a priority number one in most companies. While focusing on resource management and financial targets it often happens that important projects in strategy, product innovation and modernization simply fall by the wayside. ScS developed a way to get this growth barrier out of the way.

It doesn’t matter in which market your company operates, the change rate and the associated chances and risks is very high:

  • New challenges are not considered in the budget
  • The companies need to react to the new products from competitors
  • New technologies offer new opportunities to increase the efficiency
  • An investment has a long development time that needs to be bridged financially
  • New legal and regulatory requirements have to be implemented by the stated deadline

Variant 1 is interesting for those projects, where the benefit arises after the project completion. There is no need to raise financial capital during the project period. Repayment in defined intervals begins only once the project’s result is starting pay off. In this way, the project costs can be spread over a longer period.

Variant 2 targets those projects where the benefit is already created during the project phase. Repayment of the financial capital already begins during the project phase.

In both cases, the repayment is made in fixed rates. That gives consistency and safety to the future financial plan.

We offer our financial package in 21 countries so that branches in other countries have the possibility of project financing too.

Our project financing services completes our portfolio perfectly. Together with our other product modules like smart analysis, business innovation, business transformation, payment transactions, virtual enterprise, tax consultancy or change management we are able to offer our clients a competent and comprehensive full service package.

  • Consistency and safety
  • High flexibility and reaction speed
  • Tested and confirmed by auditors and accountants
  • Future-proof
  • Individualization by two variants of use
  • Can be used internationally