What is the Executive Program?

We created the Executive Program because, during our engagements, we were not only acting as consultants but also as sparring partners for top managers. Since most organizations are characterized by internal competition, rather than an open exchange of thoughts and knowledge, we recognized managers’ need for such objective and confidential exchanges in order to shed new light on current topics.

To facilitate these regular exchanges, we offer the Superior Executive Program.

Individual sparring on eye level

The Executive Program meetings are held in regular intervals and are very individualized contentwise. They may be on particular functional topics, leadership or even personal topics, depending on your preference.

We select the right experts to suit your needs. You will have access to all of our experts’ knowledge and experience to test your ideas, get an independent opinion or recommendation or receive support in making a decision.

Who is eligible for the Executive Program?

We offer this benefit exclusively for our existing clients. Our goal is to develop an ongoing, long-term knowledge transfer, based on mutual growth and trust.

If you are not yet one of our clients, contact us to find out how you can take advantage of this program, too.