Study “Digitalization & Digital Pressure – A company benchmark”

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There are many studies investigating the progress of digitalization in companies and industries. Our study goes one step further – what potentials can companies unlock through digitalization? How are different industries affected and which industries can profit the most? What are the risks and how can they be mitigated? Is a company’s view of customer value still aligned with their customers’ views? How can we get ahead of the competition by achieving quick wins?

Our Study – Methodology and Data

Thanks to modern technology and methodology we were able to accrue a database of more than 27,000 companies across a range of industries. As part of the analysis process, we utilized common statistical and heuristic methods, but also relied on methodologies from the areas of predictive analysis and machine learning, since the goal was to derive estimations of possible future developments.

In addition to typical company information, we included product information, customer reviews, online shops, data from customer and product forums, just to name a few, in our assessment.

By aggregating this data we are now able to make company and industry specific assessments.

Starting Point

Every company serves a number of customers in a specific industry segment with one or more products.

While digitalization progresses, startups are conquering new and existing markets with new business models and the use of modern IT. Whole product families get transformed or are even replaced entirely, which can have disastrous consequences for established businesses. On the other hand, this volatility opens up new opportunities for companies that are willing to drive innovation themselves.

Our study sheds light on how companies work, in what areas digitalization is possible in the first place and to what degree it has already been implemented. It also reveals to what extent the provided customer value matches the current market demands, whether and how easily products may be substituted and how high the risk of disruption is for a particular market segment. This assessment allows us to compare companies to each other or to the industry as a whole.


Depending on the perspective, the study reveals opportunities or risks.

There is no single index or score per company, since this would oversimplify the complexities of the digital market. Instead, the results are expressed as three indices:

  1. Digitalization: How well does a product or its components lend itself to being digitized?
  2. Disruption: How high is the potential/ risk for disruption?
  3. Customer Value: How well do existing products cover customer value demands?

Example: Bookstore Industry

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It is not sufficient to say that something has to be changed. We can pinpoint what, how and why it needs to be changed.

Smart Index by ScS

In summary our study answers the question to what extent customer value, disruption risk and opportunities and risk of digitalization can be gauged for industries in general and for specific companies in particular. Learn more about the three indices that act as the pillars of our study:

  • Digitalization Index
  • Disruption Index
  • Customer Index