Digitalization: the opportunity of the 21st century

Today’s companies are faced with the challenge of a dynamic business environment, which forces them to quickly adapt to the changing conditions. This can present a significant challenge, even to established companies with a long history of success.

In today’s market, digitalization can be viewed as both, an opportunity and a risk depending on your perspective. For new market entrants that established a digitalized business model from the very start, it presents an opportunity to disrupt existing players. Incumbents, on the other hand, may see their current market position threatened from multiple innovative players on different levels, forcing them to adapt or risk losing their grip on their industry.

How does one recognize the signs of disruption? We can help you find out how strongly your organization is affected by these external pressures and uncover their sources.

Smart Index

The SmartIndex makes use of a methodology that allows us to generate an accurate benchmark of your company in relation to your competitors. Our quickchecks allow us to generate accurate results in a very short amount of time, that show where your organization stands today and how it measures up against competitors.

The Index investigates three main areas that successful actors in the dynamic, digital market should constantly keep in the back of their minds.


To what extent can your product or its components be digitized?


To what extent can the value provided by your product be replaced or disrupted?

Customer Value

To what extent do your existing products satisfy customer expectations and customer value?

Fast and Reliable

Our analysis combines methodologies from fields such as Big Data and neuropsychology with our expertise in information technology. We dissect your product portfolio into its building blocks and apply heuristic models in order to evaluate its customer value, digitalization potential and the risk of disruption.

To determine the overall index, we compare your company with our large database of up-to-date industry and company information. This not only allows us to gauge risk factors in your company, but makes them comparable to your competitors’ risk factors.

Answers for established companies

  • To what degree is my business model at risk?
  • Can I fortify my market position through digitalization?
  • What advantages can I achieve in my market through digitalization ?
  • Is my organization sufficiently oriented towards generated customer value?
  • How can I improve the value my customers receive from my product?
  • Can I use my organization’s current capabilities to disrupt other markets?
  • How vulnerable is my organization to disruption from others?

Answers for startups

  • How can I identify industries and product portfolios that could be digitalized
  • How much potential does a particular industry hold?
  • How high is the potential in different customer segments?
  • How high is the attainable level of digitalization?
  • Can I merely digitalize an existing product or is there potential to disrupt the entire business model?
  • Can customer needs be satisfied in a sustainable way?
  • Is my business model internationally scalable?

What are your benefits?

  •  Cross-industry benchmarking

Our approach of breaking your portfolio down into its key components, makes it possible to compare your company to its direct competitors, as well as to other players from different industries.


  • Location of the pressure source

The Three-pillars-model shows not only how strong the innovation pressure is on your organization but also where exactly it is coming from.


  • Future orientation

True to our principle of proactivity we do not examine what is in the past but rather tell you what the future holds and which opportunities and risks go along with it.


  • Speed

The combination of heuristics and IT enables us to process a great amount of information in a very short time. We guarantee fast analysis results.


  • Validity and reliability

The algorithm-based analysis process enables us to provide you with high-quality transparent results.

Where does your business stand today?