Smart Analysis

With today’s business world becoming more and more dynamic, short reaction times are critical to business success. Digital progress makes ever more sudden and extensive changes to existing frameworks possible. Those who need months to analyze their company run the risk of missing the boat.


business_uptospeed_small Smart Analysis – Speed up Your business!


It is difficult to describe briefly what makes our tool so extraordinary. Developed in-house, it combines decades of experience and knowledge with state-of-the-art technology, including artificial intelligence. Its scope of application and its learning capabilities make Smart Analysis unique.

What are the main benefits to be gained through our tool and methodology?



Standardized queries and cutting-edge technology ensure you receive high quality and in-depth results in the shortest time possible. Data gathering is also reduced to a minimum, saving time and effort on your part.



Your results reflect your company’s unique fingerprint. They are custom fitted to your company and its unique situation to give you the biggest benefit.


Comparability – Your Genetic Fingerprint

The results are your company’s genetic fingerprint and are thus unique. Furthermore, this detailed picture also offers a means of comparison to other companies. Do you know exactly where you currently stand? Can you name your company’s top 5 potentials for improvement? We help you find the answers to these questions – quickly and accurately.



To maximize the results’ validity, the tool (automatically) combines methodology and knowledge, reducing effort and the potential for error. Since quality assurance is a crucial concern of ours, internal methods of scrutiny are integrated into the process to ensure reliable results. Furthermore, our system’s learning capacity allows us to draw additional conclusions, which would be impossible to reach on the basis of ‘simple’ analysis.



We are aware of the common concerns: analysis will get in the way of your company’s operations. We avoid just that through our Quickcheck methodology. We have perfected this system to allow us to draw the relevant conclusions on the basis of less information. Here too, artificial intelligence helps us recognize patterns and gain insights that would otherwise remain hidden.


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