ScS at a Glance – About Us

It is not easy to summarize all we do in eight paragraphs, but here it goes:

 Who is ScS / Superior Consulting Services?

We are a future-oriented company that acts, lives and works based on the principles of Entrepreneurial Management. Thus we measure ourselves exclusively by the customer value we provide, ensuring the goal-oriented utilization of our methods, knowledge and self-developed tools. Our analytical expertise forms the basis on with which we combine new methods and creative ideas to open up new possibilities for our clients. We support our clients on their paths into the new, digitalized world.

 What Can I Expect From This Site?

We want to provide you with insights into new topics and, perhaps, new ideas for your own business. This is why we offer our ScS Blog and Member Services. An active exchange of knowledge is part of our culture, after all. Our range of topics is broad, which is why we are often asked how we can make all this work (see below: How Do We Make This Work?). The entrepreneurial mind thrives on mutual exchange and new, creative ideas, business creativity and, concurrently, innovation and knowledge.

Why Is This Site Worth a Closer Look?

Everyone has their particular area of expertise. As long as we only develop inside this area – this box – we do not extend our horizon. Stepping outside these boundaries, however, leads to highly innovative ideas. Use our site to explore new possibilities.

Do you know, for instance, your company’s Disruption-Index or its Digitalization-Index? This is one of our current topics. The indices indicate to which degree your company is affected by disruption, as well as its current stage in the digital transformation process.

 What Exactly Does ScS Do?

It depends on you.

Your needs determine the solution. The basis of our every assignment always consists of analyzing the given, outlining the possible and creating a roadmap for our common goal. Should you only require advisory support, we provide coaching, advisory boards, complete project execution or simply that sparking idea on how to realize a project on budget. Do you want to stay informed about every step along the way or get the desired results in time without constantly being flooded with unnecessary information? We design the project according to your preferences from the start.

It works much the same way on a functional level – the solution determines the approach. If there are no ideas for solutions yet, we determine your alternatives – you decide. We do what is necessary to achieve your goal. For details, please take a closer look at our current topics and range of services.

 What Can We Do for You?

That depends, yet again, on you. It may sound simple but it sums up our technique very well: Our work is highly individualized.

You decide whether you simply want to discover new ideas through our site, stay up to date on current topics through our blog, gain additional insights through our Member Services or even participate in one of our exclusive roundtable events. Should you have any questions, just ask us. If you currently have a specific project or are looking for a solution to a particular problem, we would be happy to present our ideas. Simply get in touch.

 How Do We Make This Work?

Open and dynamically scalable frameworks make what we do possible. Additionally, our team is made up of people with different personalities and areas of expertise. They can leverage their multidisciplinary backgrounds while still being compatible on a human level. This allows us to offer a wide portfolio of services, which is still supported by vertical expert knowledge.

Additionally, this concept can only be successful while actively seeking opportunities for parallel processes to gain additional momentum. We, furthermore, combine established methods with newer and faster ones into our own tools, such as Smart Analysis, which takes advantage of our compacted knowledge through the use of artificial intelligence. This simply makes us faster.

Find out more under Business Creativity and Business Creatives.

 What Are ScS’s Main Topics?

All of us have an entrepreneurial mind and live in a rapidly changing world. While we do have some core topics, we constantly engage in new ones. See below for an overview of our current topics.