Some of our services are available in the form of Boxed Consulting.

What is Boxed Consulting?

We are aware of the general prejudices against consulting companies: too expensive, not enough knowledge about the company, takes up too much time and the know how does not stay in the company. Therefore, we decided to pack some of our services in themed boxes. This way, you can simply purchase a solution for your problem, including a step-by-step guide and everything that goes with it.

What is the benefit of Boxed Consulting?

The major benefit for your business is that you get a detailed guide about what needs to be done and what needs to be taken into consideration. You can take full advantage of our experience. As we know what the critical points in the particular fields are and which typical mistakes can be made you keep your error rate and complexity to an absolute minimum. Moreover, you keep the know-how in your company and gain additional expertise through newly implemented projects. You can guide your project independently but receive full support alongside.

What is included in the boxes?

The content differs by subject and size (small to XXL) of the boxes. All of the boxes include questionnaires to determine the status quo. This includes the appointment of a project leader, the involvement of affected departments and the verification of certain information. (Quick checks, questionnaires, skill specifications, etc.)

During the next step, we systematically evaluate the data and provide you a detailed procedure plan. Depending on the chosen box size, you will also receive a project plan, a timetable, templates and further important information for you and your employees. Moreover, we offer optional online seminars or telephone support as well as on-site expert or project management support.

But our service goes even further. We are happy to help you if you wish more background information. It is important to us that we fulfill your needs and provide you with tailored sustainable solutions.

Does this not contradict your „Thinking Outside The Box“ approach?

Not at all! Or have you ever bought such product? The box which makes our service transparent, understandable and realizable for everybody sets us apart from other consulting companies and proves that we act and think outside the box.