The world is turning faster and faster. Disruptive forces are bringing new products to customers faster than long-established companies. Young start-ups with lean organizations, short decision-making processes and sufficient capital put large corporations under considerable pressure.


“Every 5 to 10 years strategy has to be changed”

(Innovation researcher Gunter Duck, Interview with the leading business magazine ‘Wirtschaftswoche’ at

For many years, we have been working in operations and have been dealing intensively with Trends 2020 which we summarized in our own survey “Operations2020”. We wanted to take on the challenge to answer the question: How will the Operations Management look like in the year 2020?


For this purpose we analyzed the challenges of the current economic situation, evaluated the present as well as the future trends and estimated their probability of occurrence. Through different scenarios, we had outlined the highly probable developments until 2020. This led to the development of various roadmaps, which identify specific procedures for the different scenarios. An individual risk assessment can be carried out for every company. Over the last years, we have developed precise methods and procedures to deliver comprehensive information to set up a customized procedure plan.

Already now it is evident that a lot of what we had identified has already started and progressed to an advanced stage. Can there be any better confirmation?

Why is the focus in particular on Operations Management?

Operations are the core of every company and are constantly subjected to new requirements. As the operations activities generate the direct added-value in the form of products and customer benefits they require specific attention from the management. Looking at the constantly changing trends, it becomes obvious that it is essential for Operations to be dynamic.

Operations 2020: Agile entertainment for the customer of tomorrow

Operations today – The squaring of the circle?

The division responsible for Operations Management is also the one which can directly be perceived by the customers. For example through products, services, invoices, call-center, communication, complaint, logistic etc.

As the Operations Management has a substantial influence on customer satisfaction it affects directly or indirectly the revenue of the company. Therefore, it plays a central and crucial role in future-oriented management.

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At the same time, companies are permanently under cost pressure which also concerns and impacts the operations activities. Achieving a high level of customer loyalty and, in particular, customers leaving positive feedback in the new media depends on several things. Nowadays, the customers do not simply expect a top quality product but an exciting shopping experience that has entertainment value.

This is the equivalent of squaring the circle and places high demands on management. They have to adapt to the changes in a fast and flexible manner, regarding, for example, new products, services, customer expectations, partner relationships/ outsourcer etc.

This challenge can only be mastered through a digital transformation focused on delivering top customer value and implementing modern IT.

What are the Trends 2020?

(These are just a few examples.)



Technology & Innovation:

innovation with even shorter cycles, beginning of another new era/internet era, A.I. (Artificial Intelligence), full empowerment (competence independent of the used technology, time, place, etc.), self-healing electronics,…

Economy & Business:

Absolute focus on customers, `Future Work`(new models), predictive analysis & marketing, transparency,…



Change in demographics:

population growth, shift in (demographic) values, global-individual thinking, …

Global structures:

`Global Brain`, globalization, shortage of resources and energy, new markets/rules, climate changes, global regulations, …

“You cannot present the change as something nice to have. It has to be a question of survival.” David Swanson, (translation)

The solution?

We are not just looking for good solutions but for superior solutions. There are more important drivers needed to make Superior Operations out of Operations. Please do not expect us to disclose everything here. But we are happy to provide an abstract including examples, to download, for you to get an idea of what we mean by Operations 2020, which considerations influenced our analysis and how deep our approach goes.

Here are some example images of our survey:

Superior Operations

Enterprise: Time, cost and quality

Customer Brain

Example: Society & Individual

Scenarios 2020 by ScS

Company Roadmap 2020

With the knowledge of the key factors and future trends we are able to bring your company to a superior level, not because it is a nice to have but because it is going to be the key competitive advantage in the near future.

Survey: Operations 2020

In our survey Operations 2020 we have analyzed various scenarios which have different impacts in the different branches. Moreover, we had put together essential information about the relevant significant trends. Please find below an abstract (anonymized) including other examples for the telecommunication industry:

Additional examples? Industries & Customer Operations 2020

You are interested in more other examples? We are happy to show you more about our survey and provide you with more detailed comprehensive information about the different areas.