To lead = go in front of group etc., be in charge of s.o. or sth., make s.o. do sth.

This is just a part of Leadership. Basically, it is about the ability to manage people but on the other hand it is also about much more. Leadership does not just give an answer to how to do something, like other management techniques do. It is more about fundamental attitude and characteristics. Only those who lead authentically do actually lead great and in an effective way.

Are leaders better than managers?

It is not about that. Managers and Leaders are fundamentally different and have also different tasks in a company. The important aspect is the personality of the individuals. Ideally, there is a balance according to the existing structures and people in the company because a high performance is only achievable if everything is harmonized.

A leader has certainly special skills that are beyond the usual pure management and which move the company forward. Hence, everybody is actually able to develop their skills to that level.

Leadership 2.0

Leadership is a term which corresponds to modern management. But does it make sense and does it comply with the personality of an individual?

As we do not just think about how to implement it but also have in mind how to do it as quickly as possible, in a successful manner, with the greatest benefit and best added value for the customer, we have launched Leadership 2.0.

In personal meetings, we determine the crux of the matter to identify the right thing for the company and the success factors and also show the way how to strengthen them by Leadership 2.0. Afterwards, we make a plan together for a smooth integration. In regular reviews, we examine the progress and make adjustments if necessary.

By the way …

Depending on their customer status, our clients can take advantage of our Executive Program where they are offered to attend exclusive executive meetings to discuss such topics like Leadership 2.0. But you determine the topic you wish to talk about. You are more than welcome to request more information about this program.