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Everybody knows about it, hardly anyone has it. Seen by many as an “unloved stepchild”, it offers the unique opportunity to lead your business in a precise direction. Formerly dismissed as reverie, it has gained new importance today; because real leaders are visionaries.

We help companies and managers find their own vision – be it professional or personal.

Leadership is the capacity to translate vision into reality.

-Warren G. Bennis


From vision to mission. How will we do what we came here to do? We assist companies in examining their specific focus since only an authentic and harmonious concept can lead to a positive overall result.


Every business needs to know their business and work out their competitive advantages. The aim is the exploration of promising business models and the implementation of strategy concepts.

We develop new and innovative ways to strengthen your competitive edge, design strategies for the achievement of competitive advantages and support you in the implementation of these measures.


Analysis – The core of every robust solution. But what if we think outside the box? What if we combine methods and create new approaches that do not yet exist? Smart Analysis is our motto.

We have developed tools that make analysis much faster on one hand and provide better and, especially, smarter results on the other. Each company is different; nevertheless we are able to rapidly determine its individual fingerprint, which in turn allows us focus on the important and essential things in business more quickly.

Again, we leave the beaten track to combine biology & genetics with mathematics & business administration: We unveil your company’s genetic code.


Technology companies work in a dynamic environment where products and services can become mass products very quickly. To stay competitive, they are constantly forced to develop further and rethink their strategies.

We help our customers overcome these obstacles: Our technology experts constantly monitor the market, new trends, and current developments to support our clients in technology related decision-making processes. This ranges from the purely technical to commercial decisions because a new technology always has to be measured against reality.

Additionally, the choice of technology can pursue a much broader strategic goal. There is a high potential for synergy between technology and strategy in conjunction with a focused view on risk assessment, which makes the resulting decisions more objective and verifiable.

Our experts always consider both sides of a new technology, the pure technological potential as well as the economic benefits and its potential for integration into an existing environment. Usually, the technological progress pursues economic objectives, such as an improved market position, enhanced products or the actualization of a savings potential.

Since we do not cooperate with any specific IT companies, our clients profit from our independent, solution-oriented approach.

IT conception and implementation

Our experts support our clients in process design and optimization with regard to the business requirements and provide, on the basis of standard applications, a tailored solution. To ensure an efficient use of the developed solutions, we accompany our clients, as a full-service partner, through the entire process.

You as an entrepreneur, CIO, Division Manager, IT Project Manager or Head of IT, Business Intelligence, Data Warehouse, OSS, BSS, ERP etc. are responsible for making decisions concerning the technologies, architectures, designs and products to be employed. Accordingly, you need to implement all business requirements in a time and cost-effective manner to ensure future operation. At the same time, you have to consider the claims of manufacturers who are primarily interested in selling their product. We are happy to provide you an independent neutral opinion in your decision-making process by evaluating the options and showing you the benefits as well as risks for your business to ensure the right choice for your business and interests.

We look back on more than 20 years of experience in IT analysis, demonstrated nationally as well as internationally. Our memberships in international associations help us to stay up-to-date on new trends and technologies. This expertise ranges from large distributed systems to highly specialized architectures from the production area.

Semantic technologies as a part of the added value

In the field of knowledge management, we count on semantic technologies. We have been working with these technologies intensively since 2003 and even use them in our organization. To simplify the selection of the right people for a particular project, we register our experts in a semantic database. The major advantage is that this technology allows the extraction of more valuable information since the actual meaning of search terms is taken into consideration. Of course, we also offer consulting services in this area by helping other companies develop such semantic knowledge databases.

Service Management

Over the past years, we assisted multiple clients in the construction of Service Management Centers, as well as the implementation of the corresponding processes. Here we predominantly implemented the ITIL-standard, with an equal emphasis on Service Delivery and Service Support.

Major international projects

In a globalized economy, large-scale projects tend to become more and more internationalized through factors such as foreign suppliers or project teams, collaborating from around the globe. This results in new challenges in all areas of project management, which we gladly assist you in mastering.

We have been assisting clients with large-scale international projects since 1998 and have an intimate understanding of the difficulties that can arise. Intercultural communication and collaboration over great distances and multiple time zones can present significant challenges to project teams.

Furthermore, in contrast to national projects, differences in country-specific norms and standards have to be observed. This issue is gaining increasing importance in the field of offshore projects since unanticipated follow-up costs can negate their economic benefit.

By using our experience in project management, especially in international team constellations, we are able to minimize risk factors in your projects.


Project selection and implementation present major challenges for most companies. In this context, SCS has the proven experience to ensure a sustainable project success and an increase in efficiency while keeping the risk to an absolute minimum. Especially in project management we regularly develop new approaches, which we evaluate together with our clients before implementing them successfully.


Internal and external processes can be broken down, deductively, in parts and can be reassembled again from these „building blocks“. These procedures offer an enormous potential for optimization and performance improvements. Successful companies recognize this potential and put their focus on continuous development to stay agile and unique.

Modern databases and collaboration tools make it easy to record, document, combine and implement business processes quickly and effectively. Continuous monitoring and target review enable you to react to changes rapidly.

Traditional instruments like activity based costing are applied as well as transaction costs analysis and other established methods. Alongside mere cost observation, the performance perspective needs to be taken into consideration to the same extent. KPIs, metrics or dashboards have proven to be efficient instruments for this purpose. The specification of such indexes requires a deeper technical understanding of the matter at hand. Our experts will guide you through the entire process management procedure, from start to finish.

Business Process Frameworks

Pre-defined, standardized frameworks help to map the processes. An example of such a framework is the Enhanced Telecom Operations Map (eTOM), which draws up such guidelines for the telecommunications industry. Of course, these guidelines are always adjusted to the business requirements.

Get to know us and convince yourself of our business expertise and many years of process expertise.

Business Optimization

Intensive project work constantly increases the demand for optimization. An external point of view allows a complete and holistic approach, which is not always possible from within an organization. This is another example of the implementation of our “Thinking Outside The Box” approach.

In our projects, as for example during the introduction of the SEPA payment scheme, we often experience that established organizations are often regarded as static and unchangeable. Awareness for the need of optimization may have to be fostered before any tangible steps towards optimization can be taken. This can also be backed up through our cost optimization experience.

Change Management

It is crucial that the above measures get implemented in the business, not just on paper. Not only does a change have to be planned and implemented but also supported and communicated. Only if a change is accepted and employed by those affected, can it lead to sustainable success.

We advise our clients’ management teams with exceptional industry knowledge and insight, as well as longstanding process management experience, particularly in the field of Change Management.

Our strategy counseling focuses on cost-reduction and efficiency gains, depending on the projected business development. Together with our clients we develop appropriate transformation concepts in accordance with their mid- to long-range strategy and support them throughout the implementation phase. Throughout this process, we place an emphasis on mutual respect and collaboration.


Wikipedia defines architecture as “both the process and the product of planning, designing, and constructing buildings or other physical structures.”

For years, we have been working with modern businesses in developing their various architectures; ranging from organizational to IT process architecture.

Enterprise Architecture

The term enterprise architecture describes the organization (architecture) of a company in which various people and technologies synergize. Due to differences between people and technologies, it is important to consider, among other things, their functions, capabilities, processes, roles, organizational structures, applications, platforms and infrastructures.

Since Enterprise Architecture is concerned not only with particular divisions but the entire enterprise, in-depth expertise and a high level of abstraction are required. To assist you in this task, we draw on our longstanding experience, as well as the resulting tools to make these complex structures not only transparent but also better and smarter.

Virtual Enterprise & Dynamic Capabilities

The modern IT age, ever shorter product life cycles and globalization force companies to rethink their way of doing business and demand new agile structures. It is necessary to find new approaches to stay competitive and flexible. In the interest of sustainability, we should not only consider how to utilize resources more efficiently but also how to best use available and potential capabilities. This requires the use of methods, such as the ones we have been practicing for years, which allow for dynamic thinking and open up entirely new dimensions.

What is Leadership?

What distinguishes management from leadership or managers from leaders? Here we close the circle to return to vision, because true leaders are visionaries.

Leadership is the continuation of management by other means.

A good leader leads the people from above them. A great leader leads the people from within them.

-M.D. Arnold

While management refers to execution and administration, leadership describes the act of guiding others while motivating and inspiring them to achieve better results through the re-emergence of the once frowned upon human factor. This does not make management the worse alternative; leadership is simply different and leads differently.

With business and accelerating seminars as a starting point, we will guide and support you on your way to becoming a leader.


We have been working with various forms of governance for quite some time now. Be it corporate governance, good governance, SOA governance, IT governance or another form; governance is always closely linked to our areas of service, which in turn impact enterprise architecture, compliance, change management, leadership, etc.


Governance and compliance, of course, go hand in hand. Compliance imposes far-reaching requirements on an enterprise, which affect all of its processes and levels.

Our experience has allowed us to develop methods to quickly capture the status quo of a company and to then implement it consistently throughout the entire organization, or to simply allow for faster and smoother audits.