Individual Coaching for the

Digital Leader


Our individual coaching is aimed at top-level managers, entrepreneurs and decision makers who want to get their company ready for the digital market. It focuses on making you the digital leader able to successfully run a modern organization.

Upon completion of the training you will be awarded our certificate in excellence and be recognized as a true Digital Leader.

The Coaching Program

Basics of the digital market
Growth in and with the digital market
Organizational challenges
Development of digital business models
Digital product portfolios
Digital marketing / CRM
Entrepreneurial Management
Setup and management of virtual teams
New management and governance structures
Dynamic strategies
KPIs for the digital business
Modern IT concepts
Full automation of business processes and increased business agility
Analysis methods for BigData
Determining cost potentials
Transformation planning and implementation
Best practices and risk management

These topics can, of course, be customized to better suit your specific requirements.


Become an expert in all digitalization related topics
Understand how to lead a modern business
Future-proof your position by becoming one of the first digital leaders in your field
Prepare your next career step as Chief Digital Officer (CDO)
See how the different digital tools can be applied in your business
Learn how to measure performance in the modern world – digital KPIs
Be able to design and execute an appropriate transformation plan for your organization
Uncover process optimization opportunities that were out of reach before
Know how processes could be automated and how to identify them

Coaching Sessions

We offer three different types of coaching sessions:

  1. Individual coaching at a place of your choosing
  2. Video conference coaching
  3. Group coaching for up to 6 professionals

Our Coaches

  • Graduated from top-ranking universities with at least two degrees
  • Over 10+ years of experience in a wide variety of companies, industries and countries
  • Experts in the techniques and methods of digitalization and entrepreneurship
  • Proved their abilities in large-scale projects and interim management assignments
  • Posses the knowledge and creativity necessary for large-scale projects
  • Certified by the  MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) for digitalization and  IoT (Internet of Things)
    • IoT Architecture
    • IT and Artificial Intelligence
    • RFID, Radio Frequency Technology, Robotic
    • Application and Business Value
    • Big Data, Data Processing and Analytics
    • Security in IoT
    • Smart Cities
  • Excellent knowledge about platform business
  • Deep knowledge about modern enterprise cultures and structures
  • A lot of practices with transforming business models for the digital market
  • Expertise in digital and social marketing
  • Proven knowledge in product portfolio analysis and product development for the digital market
  • Long time experience in developing dynamic strategies
  • Practical experience in process analysis and development

Digitalization in the Press

Since early 2015 we have been, and still are, collecting articles concerning digitalization, start-ups, internet of things, Enterprise 2.0 and their implications. According to the press, digitalization is not receiving the attention it deserves in Germany and may be missed by some altogether. Use the green button to view our collection of articles.

Entrepreneurship for Digital Leaders


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