Digital Keynotes

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Introduction to Digital Business

This presentation gives an overview on the topic of digital market and its differences from the classical market. The issue of customer acquisition via digital channels and the possibilities for automation in the product and service delivery are the main subjects.

The goal is to introduce the customer to the subject, to provide an overview, and to enable him /her to discuss the topic of digitization.

Length: 90 min

Make the right estimations about Potentials of the Digital Market 

The digital market promises great growth potentials. However, successful will be only those who assess these potentials properly and the draw the right conclusions. This presentation shows the relevant methods together with examples. The subjects are the correct actions to be taken and the concrete practices that lead to the goal. These include customer acquisition, customer value, the right product portfolio and the correct technical architecture for the implementation of the project.

The goal is to enable the client to make the right decisions in the digital market.

Length: 90 min

Organizational Challenges of a Digital Transformation

The transformation of an existing company into a digital one is a Herculean task for the top management. It calls for a top-down execution and requires a hands-on approach. Because of these specifics the organization is also the biggest obstacle to a rapid transformation. This comes from the fact that the current business model has been continuously optimized for many years and was build based on a different incentive system.

The goal is to enable the customer to be able to find the optimum state for their organization to participate in the digital market.

Length: 90 min

Knowledge Feudalism

Digitization is the industrial revolution of the 21st century. As with past similar events, this leads to a division of society. There are those who have mastered the new technology and the rest. The similar events in the past, however, only took place in specific industries or markets. In contrast, today we change globally and in almost all economic and social areas. A key difference is also the speed at which these changes are carried out.

The goal is to enable the customer to develop a plan of what they need to learn in the coming period in order to be on the side of the people with knowledge.

Length: 60-90 min

Success Factors for the Digital Business

Today’s estimates for the value of the digital market (just IoT) exceed €19 Trillion. The question now is how to get to this honey pot and what are the success factors for this. This presentation presents the factors in detail and how they must be combined in order to truly be successful. This depends on what side on the company’s own existing capabilities but also on its ability to create new ones and adapt to changing conditions.

The goal is to put the customer in a position to identify the relevant factors for their business and to combine them in a way that promises the greatest success.

Length: 120 min

Innovation is Nothing for Sissies

Creativity and innovation are the basis for an entry into the digital market. But at the same time behind them could be big risk, as it is unknown if the product will be able to penetrate the market and will be accepted by the customer. Perseverance, determination, and an understanding of the economic benefits are among the basic requirements to carry out a successful innovation.

The goal is to put the customer in the state in which he is able to continuously motivate himself and can walk the road to innovation in a calm manner.

Length: 90 min

Successful Transformation of the Business

The economy is facing one of the biggest challenges of the past hundred year. The exponential technological progress allows an expansion of the business with a simultaneous reduction in unit costs. Not only new distribution channels, new products, production methods, and analysis capabilities need to be developed, but a new mindset needs to be adopted. This presentation explains how to achieve this in steps.

The aim is to enable the participants in the position to develop a transformation strategy for the company and carry out.

Length: 90 min

Be a Digital Leader

Due to the importance of digitalization for the business, there must be a new function created on board level. The background is that the IT has not only a support function for management and production, but it is also a special strategic component that combines several disciplines that were previously disconnected. An example here are modern methods of analysis, in which a collaboration between various disciplines is essential. More examples are marketing campaigns in the digital market, Predictive Analysis, replacing processes by artificial intelligence and many more.

The goal is to place the customer in the position to develop a roadmap, which will help him to fill the position of the CDO.

Length: 90 min

How to Bring the American Startup Model to Other Countries

Digitization is all around us. It all started with the start-ups in the Silicon Valley, which created a new type of company, which better understood how to fulfil the needs of the customer. This American model can be transferred to other countries, but cannot be easily copied. Differences in cultural, economic and legal systems of other countries make that difficult. This presentation explains how to combine the best of both worlds in order to be a winner on the digital market.

The goal is to enable the customer to deal with and apply modern methods successfully.

Length: 90 min