Congratulations! You have decided to become an entrepreneur and shape the future. We did the same thing 30 years ago and understand what you are going through.

We have faced some of the same issues you are facing today. We faced the same crises, felt alone and were declared crazy by our friends; The same people who today look on our success with envy. Going at it alone is admirable but it helps to have a sparring partner you can bounce your ideas back and forth with to develop them further.

Main benefits:

  • First-hand insights from other entrepreneurs
  • Get answers to tax, legal, statutory questions
  • Get funding and or help to find an investor
  • Learn how to grow and scale your business
  • Find the right employees for your corporate culture is a key success factor
  • Get the best fitting IT architecture for your project
  • You struggle with labor law and contracts. We can help you.
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