The biggest challenge for managers in the digital world is that they have to make decisions in a fast changing environment, which leads to much uncertainty. How do you find and retain the right talent at the right time to help you achieve your mission?

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Most management methods are older than 30 years and were developed before the global digital business revolution. To get ahead, new management methods have to be adopted and existing ones have to be tailored to the dynamism of the digital market; all while fulfilling existing business needs. In this ever changing environment action and reaction speeds become crucial success factors.

Main Benefits:

1.  Be one of the first to take advantage of new innovations; be it cost reduction or increases in efficiency

2.  Learn how to transform your business and break new ground while integrating this into your existing organization

3.  Get direct access to the Californian high-tech industry and be aware of new trends at an early stage. You like to be ahead

4.  Don’t waste time searching for talent; Take advantage of ready-to-go teams

5.  Reach your goals faster than your competitor or colleague with tried and tested methods

6.  Drive change in your company or run a priority project without endless discussion

7.  Boost your career by being part of a network of well known leaders

8.  Increase your earnings by using modern, digital technology for your purposes


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