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Our Aim

Our Approach

We use the same technologies and methods of the tech companies for your. 

We combine your leading experience in your industry with the most recent technologies from the Silicon Valley to your advantage, to be successful in the digital world.

We support our clients across the whole process of modern projects

Since more than 30 years we help our customers to develop and to implement new ideas to boost their business.






years of experience


completed projects


We provide the necessary services to get you started in the digital world

We have the necessary ability to create and renew business strategies according to market trends.

Our work is founded on a clear understanding of the current situation for every business, including both, micro and macro environments.

We help organizations to grow and make the changes across many different sectors from public and private to small and big industries, thinking about every milestone of the whole process, embedding technologies, building relationships, creating value.

We manage 4 different areas by using technology and human intelligence to build projects with extraordinary results 


Achieving goals since 1990

Established 1990 by Ralf Luettgen as a student in California.
We started our journey with the growth of the internet and the companies in the Silicon Valley.
Our long-term relationships with the tech industry and leading universities gives us access to cutting edge technologies and fantastic people. When we began there was a clear separation between IT and business. Modern tech companies have overcome these distinctions. Since the beginning our focus is to find the best solution for our customer based on the best technology and business models.
Over time we expanded to different countries and today we have a international workforce and an entrepreneurial culture where we respect the expertise of each other. We love new ideas and to work on new challenges. Internally we are more like a family business than a classic corporation. The reason for that is the founder is in a long row of entrepreneurs in his family and entrepreneurial thinking is part of our DNA.

Driving technology for leading brands​

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Your Business in a post-pandemic scenario.
Analysis of different scenarios for your particular situation.


Digitalization of your business to the next level will be a key success factor for the future


The right organization to deal with uncertainty and strong competition in the digital age