The Digitalization Matrix


In order to be successful in today’s dynamic business conditions the truly modern organization must be actively operating in the digital world. This new way of running a business requires an appropriate leadership style in order to be implemented and executed in a sustainable way. Entrepreneurial management offers the right mindset and methods needed to operate a modern digital company.


Below is a matrix developed to help you find the current position of your organization in the modern world based on the digitalization level already achieved and the degree it is coupled with an entrepreneurial way of thinking.




I. Stuck in the Past

This is the traditional organization. Companies in quadrant I. are too slow to respond to the newly developed business landscape. They lack the digital business model needed to be successful in the current environment and do not have the entrepreneurial mindset required to lead a modern company.


II.  Trend Followers

Companies in this quadrant have already achieved a significant level of business model digitalization. However, they fail to combine it with the correct leadership style and as a result struggle to grow.


III. On the Right Way

Those are the visionaries. Leaders of organizations in this quadrant have realized the need to put the customer in the center, continuously innovate new value for him, and create strong bonds with their partners.


IV. Digital Champions

In this quadrant reside the truly modern organizations. They have developed and transformed their business model in order to fit into the digital age and possess the right leadership thinking style needed to lead such a company to success.


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