Digital Services for the Digital Market

The digital market follows its own laws and is characterized by a high degree of customer focus and individuality. Under certain circumstances, the digital added value that a product has is more important to the customer than the product itself.

Digitalization makes possible the production of products at very low unit costs while simultaneously increasing customer value through a digital add-on. This translates into increased margins for the company. In the future, more and more routine tasks will be automated, including those which are still considered high-end today.

Startups have never built large hierarchical structures and try consistently to automate routine tasks.

In order to be successful in the digital market you have to adapt to the fast-changing conditions in real time. To achieve this, abilities such as adaptability, flexibility, adoption of modern technologies, and the combination of internal and external product. This modern form of organization is known as a Mashup Enterprise.

Our Digital Service Packages

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Speed is crucial

Change has always been part of our lives and always will be. However, the changes that take effect today are different than the ones from the past as they happen much quicker and take place in a global context. The digital transformation is not a one-time event, but rather a continuous process, through which the company learns to deal with dynamism and high rate of change.

Our analysis and implementation methodology aims to assist company exactly with this. It is fully IT-supported and uses the latest methods to achieve swift results.

Current Highscore

Analyzed a company with 12.000 employees in 8 weeks with 4 consultants and delivered the following:

  • A project plan for transformation
  • IT Architecture
  • Cost and effort estimation
  • Organizational changes
  • Influence on processes
  • Influence on partners and suppliers

Digitalization – Controlled and in Stages

Every company that is successful in today’s market has continuously evolved since its creation. Digitalization is the next step in this evolution process. What is different this time around is the way it happens and the speed at which the changes are implemented. These qualities are what makes disruption possible.

As always in life knowledge is the key to successfully carrying out changes. These changes are however worth it because with them companies can achieve efficiency improvements and growth of the business at the same time – something thought impossible in the past.

Back to the point. How can digitalization be controlled and what are the stages of the process:

  1. Identification of the possible potentials of the Digital Market
  2. Establishment of the risks associated with a digital transformation for the company
  3. Development of possible action alternatives
    • Development possibilities for digital products or products with an additional digital features
    • Full automation of internal processes, not only in production
    • Continuous analysis of internal, customer-specific, and external information
  4. Planning for the implementation of the action alternatives
  5. Preparation of costs and effort estimates
  6. Decision memo

More Info

Why can we do this?

The combination of years of experience and the knowledge from the hotspots for digital business allows us to deliver quick and optimal results. Our external vision, deep understanding of modern technology and know-how from different industries result in a solution tailored specifically to your business.

Year-long experience:

  • in usage of Artificial Intelligence
  • education and Enterprise Architecture (EAM)
  • in the newest IT and their application
  • in Change and Innovation management
  • with virtual and internationally active companies
  • with Startups and Entrepreneurship

Usage of:

  • Modern IT-assisted analysis methods
  • Modern business and management methods
  • Entrepreneurial Management
  • Methods of the digital Business
  • Modern organizational forms
  • Predictive Analysis (Big Data)

For Digital Professionals

For managers who have already dealt with digitalization we offer an extensive list of digital packages. Experience shows that based on company size and market characteristics a variety of measures are necessary in order to carry out the process of digital transformation. To provide an overview and assist you with the selection of the right ones we have developed the packages below.

Parts can be added or removed as needed. To minimize risks for the customer a list of specific exit points is defined. The agreed deliverables are, of course, provided.

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