ScS offers a full spectrum of digital services. Our topics range from minor business adjustments with a digital flavor to a complete development and execution of a digital transformation. Click on the topic that interests you to get more information.



The foundation of a successful project is solid analysis. We offer advanced analytical methods suitable for the digital age.

Example services: Product Portfolio Analysis, Business Model Design Strength Analysis, Digital Readiness, Digital Status Benchmarking, Maturity of Cross-Domain Integration and more.



Whether you need a new idea or a complete digital strategy development ScS can help with a external perspective and a team of cross-domain creative professionals.

Example services: Digitalization for Cost Savings, Digitalization for Growth, Process Automation, Artificial Intelligence-Assisted Decision Making, Funding & Financing and more.



The way a concept is implemented is crucial to success. ScS can support you until the completion of your digital project or even provide a qualified interim manager to oversee the process.

Example services: Digital Marketing Strategy, Dynamic Digital Strategy, Scaling a Digital Business, Enterprise Architecture in the Digital Age, Professional Partnership Management, Business Process Dynamism and more.



Knowledge is power. Especially in the digital age where things change so fast and staying ahead of the competition is crucial. Let you and your employees be trained by the top digital experts in the field.

Example services: Introduction to Digital Business, Vendor / Partner / Outsourcing Management, Entrepreneurial Management, Developing Products for the Digital Age, Customer Discovery in the Digital Market and more.

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