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We proudly present one new service: the Superior Member Service.

You can read a lot – but especially for Executives & Leader we are offering a new platform on which we exchange new insights and ideas on current topics. This allows our clients, members of the digital leadership community and those interested in modern business trends to meet on an equal footing.

Carneval & your present

In some parts of germany people celebrating carnival as their fifth season of the year. In our hometown Cologne the real “crazy days” start with the so-called Weiberfastnacht (Shrove Thursday). The highlight of the street carnival is Rosenmontag (Carnival Monday) with a huge march of colorful corps troops on the streets of cologne. You will find parties all day long on the streets, in public squares and pubs. Carneval ends two days later on Aschermittwoch (Ash Wednesday). In this fifth season you will hear a lot of times “Alaaf”, which is the typical salutation in carnival (but also only in cologne!)

We are using this as an opportunity to make you very a special gift: A free trial membership in our services.

Simply choose “Discount Trial” during sign up and enter the following code: Alaaf2014


What to expect from our Superior Member Services?

In December we will start our first weekly Blog-Series and then continue to add additional topics and services. Perhaps you have a suggestion for an interesting new topic? We would be more than happy to hear from you. After all, this service thrives through an active exchange of ideas.


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