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Business Development

Getting your first customers and seeing your business model prove itself can be exhilarating. But how do you develop this into a sustainable process and accelerate your growth?

You have found a business model that works and is delivering first results but your ambitions go far beyond what you have achieved so far. Are there any strategic partnerships you can strike to help you boost your growth? Can your business just barely serve its existing customers or are you ready scale? Is it time to enter new markets?

Main benefits:

  • First-hand insights from other entrepreneurs on how to develop your business
  • Get help to develop a marketing strategy and setup a sale process
  • Get an international team in major markets (EU, California, China, Dubai, South Africa)
  • How to find the right partnerships
  • Learn the differences between entrepreneurial management vs. classical management to compete with corporates
  • We help with product development, market fit and strategies
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