Business Creativity

Why are we different?

At Superior Consulting Services we pride on being unique and different from the crowd of other companies in the consulting industry.

How do we achieve that? By going the extra mile for you, by approaching your problem with great competence and personality, and by providing integrated and complete solutions for a wide range of topics, that others might not even approach. Our consultants are in possession of a rich and diverse background in various disciplines and fields, which they use to their advantage by combining this knowledge and skills in a novel and creative way. This enables them to actively think and act on a multi-domain level and come up with innovative and cohesive solutions. This allows ScS to deliver better results by simultaneously utilizing fewer personnel to achieve that.
Furthermore, we operate on a very personal level. We recognize that every client is unique and therefore must be treated as such. For this purpose there is zero use of standardized methods and products between projects. Instead synergies are used to boost efficiency and achieve fast and outstanding results. We listen closely to our customers and use our extensive expertise to create superior value for them.


Additionally, we have used our creativity and capability to develop unique tools that facilitate our consultants’ operations. Our Smart Analysis engine combines the power of biology and genetics with math and business administration to calculate and analyze the genetic code of your company and thus further enhance our understanding and appreciation of your personal characteristics and qualities. This saves tremendous amount of time for the customer and presents us with the ability to provide clear and fixed deadline dates.


This is just one example of the forward and innovative way of thinking we hold as the core of our operations and interactions with the customer. It enables us to build a clear vision of the future, which we use as a guide to deliver the best possible results, in the shortest amount of time, and with the personal touch our customers deserve.

ScS is more than just a consulting company – we are business creatives.

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